sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008

Viagens dos 55 +

Olá contemporâneo !Não lhe apetece fazer parte de um grupo assim ?

Travel | Quirky Swedish travel company Rosa Bussarna (pink caravan) operates over twenty pink buses that travel around the world. Passengers embark on three to eight week trips. Two years ago, the company added trips exclusively targeted at people over 50, proving a success: today, Pink Caravan offers 14 trips solely targeted at youthful, adventurous baby boomers who want to relive their backpacking years. New travel services for boomers are plentiful: from Eldertreks to tripwiser.com. However, as travel ranks high on virtually every boomer's priority list, there's room for countless new travel concepts across the globe. One you can't go wrong with, if you focus and execute well.

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